What Factors Do Affect the Sustainability of Children’s Park?



As people’s quality and living standard improve, people’s awareness of the healthy development of the next generation has also been improved, thus promoting the establishment and development of children’s institutions. Children’s park in recent years has been warmly welcomed by so many parents and children. Through the park people can do parent-child interaction, and at the same time children’s physical and mental and physical health and development can be promoted. So, for the owners, what issues does children’s park need to pay attention in order to make it sustainably develop.

  1. Park Location

Location of children’s park is suggested constructed in the large shopping mall, commercial center, supermarkets, large communities, and so on. Popularity determines everything! A good location is one of the hardware indicators of the park’s sustainable operation. When choosing the park location, investors should have an assessment about the flow of people and the surrounding business prospects. But they also need take into account the need for the relevant industrial and commercial, tax, and fire procedures.

  1. Choosing Excellent Manufacturers

Choose amusement equipment carefully according to your budget, and let manufacturers offer site program and the overall quote, and make negotiation about production and installation cycles. It is recommended that the operators conduct field visits to the manufacturers’ if the condition permits, and investigate whether the equipment provided by the manufacturers is in the conditions of safety and environmental protection so as to comprehensively access the situation of the manufacturers’ production capacity and after-sales service.

  1. Rational Marketing

Make rational marketing by the promotion of park publicity, park tickets pricing (according to the actual situation for the second card, month card, annual card), establishment of membership files, cooperation with child-related institutions, use of marketing platform, online and offline promotion and many more.

  1. Park Management

Recruit appropriate staff and give them trainings, and strengthen the sense of responsibility. It is recommended to recruit teachers with child education experience, so as to guide children to play properly, and activities can be held in the park to increase the playability and so on.

  1. Software

In the short term, the park can attract the children through the novelty of the equipment. The park must have its own characteristics for long-term sustainable operation. The park operator needs to innovate. Differentiation from the competitors is the key to long-term success.

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