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Three-ring Roller Coaster Ride
Dimensions Track Length 440m
Area 85mx36m
Number of Seats 16P
Height Dimension 22.5m
Motion Power 80kW
Rated Voltage 380V, 50HZ
Maximum Speed 60km/h
Running Time 90s/round


TAG:  Roller Coasters

►Three ring roller coaster enjoys a  worldwide popularity in amusement parks and theme parks. It consists of 1 vertical ring and 2 spiral rings. The total track length is about 500m and the height point can reach 25m. The long and high track will help riders enjoy a thrilling experience.


►The whole body of three ring roller coaster is entirely made of seamless steel. That’s how we cement the brilliant quality of our products.


►It is smaller than giant roller coasters, which means lower cost for your investment. With a super thrilling riding experience, it makes itself a hot sale.

TAG:  Roller Coasters
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