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Sinorides walks with you in the establishment of carnival ride parks. Spinning pendulum rides for sale are some of the great product you can enjoy. The amusement rides are enjoyable and create superb attraction to visitors. Your park will determine the size and rotating pendulum to choose. Whether you are looking for a tall or standard pendulum, there is an excellent option for your amusement ride park. Besides, smooth ride, all parts are superb and well designed.

Pendulum ride is one of the most demanded amusement park rides around the globe. Spinning pendulum ride is also one of those rides which let the riders enjoy the rides to the fullest. Thus, Sinorides is now on the board that provides reliable services for the production of the highest quality swing ride. You can get all services related to the swinging spinning pendulum ride since we are known as the best spinning pendulum ride manufacturer in China.

Ranging from the installation to the replacement of the rides, we make sure to fulfill all demands of the customers. In addition to this, the prices of our services are so reasonable that everyone can choose us without any second thought.

Sinorides 360° small Spinning Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 360° Small Spinning Pendulum Ride brings more thrilling experience to people

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
360° Big Spinning Pendulum Ride for sale
Sinorides 360° Big Spinning Pendulum Ride makes your park more renowned

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
30 Seats Spinning Pendulum Ride
Sinorides 30 Seats Spinning Pendulum Ride can bear 30 people at one time

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 120kW
  • Height: 14.5m
  • Swing Angle: 110°
Sinorides 23 seats Spinning Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 23 Seats Spinning Pendulum Ride for sale is a middle size type

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 23P
  • Power: 22kW
  • Height: 13.8m
  • Swing Angle: 40°
Sinorides 12 seats Spinning Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Spinning Pendulum Ride is suitable for small & middle parks

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Height: 5.5m
  • Voltage:380V
6 Seats Big Pendulum Ride For Sale
Sinorides 6 Seats Big Pendulum Ride For Sale is designed in attractive rgb lights

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Height: 4.2m
  • Area:6m*6m

Your Premier Spinning Pendulum Ride Manufacturer in China

Being a leading brand, Sinorides have quality pendulum rides for sale. Starting with professional pendulum ride construction, there is excellent customer fun. From string structures to comfortable seats, each visitor enjoys an unforgettable ride.

Sinorides uses the latest technology in making every amusement ride. Actually, the legs are super strong to hold excessive weight. Boasting high accurate laser cutting, each pendulum ride achieves perfect performance.

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Spinning Pendulum Ride Project

Having spinning from Sinorides ensures you achieve superb performing park. There is no noise due to loud motors or substandard bearings.

With ultrasonic testing mechanism, the team of technicians ensures no defects before delivery. Besides delivery, Sinorides team will make sure full installation.

Sinorides Spinning Pendulum Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Spinning Pendulum Ride Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Spinning Pendulum Ride Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Pendulum Rides appearance more smooth.
Spinning Pendulum Ride Structure from Sinorides
Stable Spinning Pendulum Ride Structure for safety
Sinorides Spinning Pendulum Ride Painting
Water-proof & Anti-rust painting to keep your Spinning Pendulum Ride good status.
Spinning Pendulum Ride Seats from Sinorides
Multi safety settings for Spinning Pendulum Ride seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
Sinorides Spinning Pendulum Ride Welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Spinning Pendulum Ride steel structure.


TECHNICAL DATA360° Large Spinning Pendulum Rides360° Small Spinning Pendulum Rides30 Seats Spinning Pendulum Rides23 Seats Spinning Pendulum Rides12 Seats Spinning Pendulum Rides6 Seats Spinning Pendulum Rides
Number of Seats24P12P30P23P12P6P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides 360 spinning Pendulum Rides Design

Sinorides spinning Pendulum Rides Design image

Sinorides spinning Pendulum Rides Design

12 seats spinning pendulum rides drawing

mini spinning pendulum rides drawing

spinning pendulum rides techncial drawing

Sinorides is Reliable Spinning Pendulum Ride Manufacturer

The over 200 staff are always waiting for your order. Especially for custom amusement rides, they customize and deliver on time. Also, a mix of experience renders the team perfect for your spinning pendulum ride construction.

Even when you have no idea about amusement rides, Sinorides is always ready to assist you. You can ask assistance to plan and also complete your whole park.

There is a high guarantee when you opt to install pendulum rides. Making of these spinning pendulum boast certification from CE/BV/ISO/Gost/SGS. Also, the pendulums meet all exportation standards available in China.

We have more than 28 years of manufacturing experience in the production of spinning pendulum rides. That is why they provide more than 100 different types of rides.

In this way, our customers have the convenience of choosing the right type of amusement ride that suits the theme of the amusement parks. Different categories of spinning pendulum rides are available with different lightings and styles.

Besides the production of spinning pendulum rides, we also offer a one-stop solution for all problems of the users regarding the pendulum ride for sale.

You don’t have to bother about the repair or installation of the ride when you have chosen Sinorides among other manufacturers. We ship our rides to more than 160 countries around the globe.

Thus, no matter where you’re situated, we have shipping services that transport our rides to every corner of the world.

All our amusement park rides are available with more than one year of warranty. Thus, you don’t have to bear the inconvenience of purchasing the ride again and again. The availability of many choices will help you to get your hands on the best rides.

Sinorides have over 10,000 customers all over the Earth. There are minimal issues when these amusement rides are running. You can therefore request your best spinning pendulum for excellent visitors’ boom.

Spinning Pendulum Ride: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Spinning pendulum rides are one of the in-demand thrilling rides that entice both adults and kids.

As a result, carnival and amusement park owners across the globe have been investing in it.

If you can choose the best spinning pendulum ride for your business, you can get huge returns on the investment for sure.

This FAQ guide is a single spot where you will get all answers to your questions, queries, and doubts about a spinning pendulum ride.

So, before you place an order, go through this all-inclusive FAQ guide.

What is A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride

The spinning pendulum ride is a thrill ride that makes rounded motion along the straight axis, similar to swing rides.

It’s a massive amusement ride that is popular among teenagers.

Generally, the ride consists of an arm, an axle, and a gondola.

When the pendulum ride begins, the gondola starts to spin back and forth and also makes a 360-degree swing.

Modern spinning pendulum rides are popular for providing a thrilling experience, eye-appealing appearance, and grand scientific structure.

How Does A Spinning Pendulum Ride Work?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Working

The spinning pendulum ride acts like a pendulum on the clock, moving forward and backward.

The ride consists of an arm attached to an axle (a fixed point) at its top.

The gondolas or cars are attached to the base of that axle.

Gondolas swing and spin with the help of several DC motors attached to axles or wheels beneath the gondolas.

These DC motors generate driving force, enabling the gondola to swing.

Unlike general pendulum rides, a spinning pendulum ride features spinning gondolas that make a 360-degree swing.

What Is The Working Principle of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Physics

The entire process of a spinning pendulum ride drives through the gravity force.

The passengers sit in the circular gondola, putting their faces outward.

They make a loop along with the gondola.

For the safety of the customers, there are shoulder presses and safety belts.

As the gondola starts rotating, the major axis hanging beneath the circular gondola starts to move forward and backward.

Riders sitting on spinning gondola not only experience the centrifugal force but also relish the air time.

The spinning gondolas also send passengers through an inversion that increases the thrill.

What Are The Mechanical Components of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Components

Spinning pendulum rides are available in several variants.

Therefore, you might find a slight difference in their components.

However, you will find the following major mechanical components in every spinning pendulum ride.

a) Axle

An axle is the major component of a spinning pendulum ride that supports most of the force and weight of the ride.

b) Arm 

One end of the arm connects to the axle while the other end attaches to the passenger-carrying gondola.

It acts as an attachment between the gondola and the axle.

c) Gondola

A gondola or car is the main seating arrangement that carries passengers.

d) Air Cylinder

Air Cylinder drives a mechanism for producing linear reciprocating motion and rotational motion by transforming the compressed air pressure into mechanical energy.

e) Flange

It connects different parts of the spinning pendulum ride.

f) Chicken Leg Shoulder

Chicken leg shoulder provides safety to passengers when swinging.

d) Air Compressor:

It extends and retracts the ride’s platform and opens chicken leg shoulders.

e) Brake Motor

It’s used for the automatic braking system in the ride, ensuring quick and accurate braking.

Other mechanical components include:


Slewing bearing

Planetary reducer

What Are The Electrical Components of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Like mechanical components, the spinning pendulum ride uses several electrical components.

They can vary depending on your ride’s features, size, and design.

Let’s get to know about a few crucial electrical components of a spinning pendulum ride.

a) Distribution Cabinet

The electric distribution cabinet of a pendulum ride organizes all the electrical operations of the ride.

b) Electric Bell

The bell indicates to passengers and crew members that the ride is about to start.

c) Indicator Lights

As the name suggests, the lights show the status of circuits in the electric control panels.

d) Rotary Switch

The switch helps the operator on and off various operations of the pendulum ride.

e) Emergency Stop Switch

It enables the operator to stop the ride immediately in case of an emergency.

f) PLC

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller.

This device automates the control of various mechanical and electrical systems in a spinning pendulum ride.

g) Ammeter

This electrical component measures the current in the circuits.


It helps the operator analyze the voltage.

Other major electrical components include:

  • Frequency converter
  • AC Contractor
  • Molded Case Circuit breaker
  • Terminal Block

How Much Does A Spinning Pendulum Ride Cost?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Cost

The cost of a spinning pendulum ride depends on various factors.

Some of the major factors include:

  • Origin of the ride
  • Quality of the material
  • Features
  • Shipping Cost

If you want to know the exact price of a spinning pendulum ride, share your requirements with multiple manufacturers and ask them to send the best quotes.

Park owners with a limited budget should go for a Chinese spinning pendulum ride.

Chinese rides are often cheaper than European rides due to cheap labor costs and affordable shipping services.

If you want to buy a high-quality yet affordable Chinese spinning pendulum ride, talk to Sinorides’ salesperson.

How to Install A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Installation

Until you have a professional staff and team of engineers, you can’t install the spinning pendulum ride on your own.

Moreover, you will need various equipment and cranes for the installation.

As a result, you should seek professional help and hire engineers and experts for installation.

Make sure engineers follow the manufacturer’s manual and guidelines for installation.

If there is any confusion, you can use drawings, videos provided by the manufacturer.

The process for a spinning pendulum ride installation includes:

  • The preparation of the site
  • Technical preparation
  • And finally installation of the ride.

At Sinorides, you get complete assistance and professional help for the Spinning Pendulum Ride installation.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide Warranty for A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers provide warranty services for a certain period.

When you buy a spinning pendulum ride from a recognized Chinese manufacturer, you can get warranty services for up to 5 years.

For sturdy parts like the axle, arm, and gondola, you get a 5-year warranty.

However, for delicate parts such as bearings, and electrical components, you get a minimum one-year warranty.

Generally, you get free repairs and replacement for manufacturing defects under the warranty period.

Note:  Get to know the terms and conditions for warranty services before placing an order.

Do Chinese Manufacturers Provide After-Sales Services for A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride After-Sales Service

Yes, Chinese manufacturers provide after-sales services.

An authorized Chinese spinning pendulum ride manufacturer should provide all sorts of after-sales services.

You can expect to get assistance for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

Additionally, you get operational training for a few days and free customer support so that you can get answers to your query.

What to Consider Before Selecting A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Since it’s a huge investment, you can’t choose and buy any random spinning pendulum ride.

So that you can get the best spinning pendulum ride, you must consider the following points:

a) Material Quality

The material quality impacts the overall performance of the ride.

Therefore, make sure the spinning pendulum ride you get is made out of high-quality steel and reinforced plastic.

b) Design

Spinning pendulum rides are available in various variants.

Choose the one that fits your budget and fulfills your business requirements.

Moreover, the design should be appealing to the eyes.

c) Safety Features

Ensure the ride you choose has high-quality chicken leg shoulders to prevent passengers from falling during intense spinning.

d) Pricing

No one likes to be overcharged.

Always make sure the spinning pendulum ride is as per your budget.

If you want to cut the cost of your ride, go for a smaller height ride.

Also, choose a Chinese ride that is far cheaper than a European ride.

How to Check The Quality of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Quality Check

If you want to make the most out of your investment, you should get a high-quality spinning pendulum ride.

Take the following steps to ensure the quality of your spinning pendulum ride.

  • Find out if the manufacturer uses high-quality steel and fiber-reinforced plastic to make the spinning pendulum rides.
  • The raw material should follow all the safety and quality standards.
  • The manufacturer must have a dedicated QC (Quality Check) team to analyze all the crucial aspects of the production.
  • Ask the manufacturer if they do full load and empty load tests of their rides before delivery.
  •  The manufacturer should check their rides for manufacturing defects before handing them over to you.
  • Before you make a final decision, don’t forget to see certifications ensuring quality.
  • The spinning pendulum ride you choose should pass CE, ISO, and GOST certifications.

What to Do If My Spinning Pendulum Ride Breaks Down During the Operation?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Break Down

God forbid if your spinning pendulum ride breaks down, you should follow the below steps:

  • As soon as you notice any sign of breakdown, press the emergency ‘Stop’ button immediately.
  • Cut down the power supply to the ride as soon as possible.
  • Unload and shift your customers to a safe place.
  • Analyze your operator’s operation process as most of the time it’s human error responsible for accidents.
  • Find out if there is any abnormality in the function of any equipment.
  • Call professionals for troubleshooting.

Can I Customize My Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Customization

Yes, you can customize your spinning pendulum ride as per your park’s requirement.

Generally, park owners prefer to customize the size, seating capacity, color scheme, and lighting of their rides.

However, it’s important to understand that customizing a spinning pendulum ride takes too much time.

It’s almost like manufacturing the ride from scratch, so you might have to wait for a few months.

If you have an urgent requirement, you can check Sinorides’ spinning pendulum rides for sale.

They have been manufacturing premium-quality spinning pendulum rides for the last 28 years.

Can I Customize The Voltage & Hertz of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Chinese manufacturers not only can customize mechanical components but can also bring changes to voltage and hertz.

Simply tell them your voltage and hertz requirement as per your country’s standard, they will do the customization.

What Are The Quality Certifications for A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

No park owner wants to compromise on the quality when buying a spinning pendulum ride.

After all, a small glitch can put the lives of their customers in danger.

Always make sure the ride you choose goes through research, quality checks, and hours of testing.

Check the following certifications to ensure the quality of your ride.


GOST is a set of technical standards, managed by the Euro-Asian Council for Standardization.

The certification certifies the quality and conformity of supplied goods.

Check out if your spinning pendulum ride has GOST certification.

b) ISO

ISO certification confirms the quality, safety, and efficiency of the ride you receive.

The certification is awarded to the firm that meets all the requirements to ensure the quality of its products.

Get to know if your manufacturer has ISO certification.

c) CE

CE certification makes sure that the spinning pendulum ride fulfills the environmental and safety needs.

Other major quality certifications include:

  • SASO
  • BV
  • GOST

Who Are The Suitable Users to Ride Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Suitable Users

Except for kids below age 5, everyone can enjoy a spinning pendulum ride.

However, you should follow the height restriction suggested by your manufacturer.

The rider should be 130-centimeter in height to ride a spinning pendulum ride.

Additionally, park owners should not allow people suffering from heart disease and acrophobia.

What Are The Benefits of Buying A Spinning Pendulum Ride from A Chinese Manufacturer?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Benefits

China is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of amusement park equipment in the world.

When you buy a spinning pendulum ride from a Chinese manufacturer, you get a multitude of advantages.

Some of the worth-mentioning advantages include:

a) Affordability

The first and the most important benefit is, you get rides at a low price comparatively.

As you know, China is the hub of raw materials, it’s easier for them to produce high-quality rides at affordable prices.

Additionally, the competitive labor and shipping cost makes the spinning pendulum ride more budget-friendly

b) State-of-the-art Manufacturing Unit

Most Chinese manufacturers have their production workshop, painting room, and product research department.

Since they don’t outsource their production jobs to any 3rd party, they cut the production cost, and therefore, you get affordable rides.

c) Complete Assistance

Most Chinese manufacturers provide complete assistance to park owners for shipping, installation, and maintenance.

You can work with them to customize your spinning pendulum ride as per your budget and needs.

d) Large Network

Reputable Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides have an extensive network; therefore, they can ship their rides to 200+ regions at a competitive price.

e) Warranty Service

With Chinese manufacturers, you get a one year warranty and various after-sales services.

f) Certification

A lot of Chinese manufacturers are a member of organizations like IAAPA, ISO, and CE.

How to Ensure The Safety of Your Customers Riding The Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Safety

For any park owner, customer safety is their top priority.

The following steps help you rest assured about your riders’ safety.

  • Inspect your spinning pendulum ride regularly and if you notice any signs of wear and tear, fix it.
  • Do time-to-time maintenance to improve the efficiency and life expectancy of your ride.
  • Analyze all the safety settings and equipment such as emergency stop switches, brakes, safety pressure bar, etc., before operating the ride.
  • Make sure all riders follow safety precautions strictly.
  • Ensure every rider uses a shoulder harness and safety belt.
  • Riders with medical conditions like irregular heart rhythms, acrophobia, etc., should avoid the ride.

How to Select The Best Spinning Pendulum Ride Manufacturer in China?

Best Spinning Pendulum Ride Manufacturer

No doubt Chinese manufacturers produce high-quality spinning pendulum rides at affordable prices.

However, there are a few points you should keep in mind when selecting a Chinese manufacturer.

These include:

a) Material

Material is the crucial factor that impacts the entire cost of the spinning pendulum ride.

Beware of manufacturers quoting you an exceptionally cheap price as chances are they are using inferior quality material.

Choose the manufacturer who uses high-quality steel and fiber-reinforced plastic.

b) R&D Team

The manufacturer you choose must have a full-time Research and Development department to analyze the quality of the ride and its raw material.

c) Experience

Prefer companies that have 10+ years of experience as a new company might not have a skilled or experienced team.

Terms & Conditions

Read terms and conditions carefully before signing the contract and placing the order.


Don’t forget to check the certifications like GOST, CE, ISO before making the final decision.

Other points you should consider:

The manufacturer should comply with industry and quality standards.

Go for the manufacturer who offers secure and reasonable payment terms.

The manufacturer should be able to provide you multiple options for shipping.

How to Get An Affordable Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Choose the right manufacturer who can provide you with a premium quality ride at a competitive price.

Generally, Chinese rides are far cheaper than European rides.

Since the Chinese amusement ride industry is quite competitive, you get the same European-quality spinning pendulum ride at an affordable price.

You may contact Sinorides to get the best price for your spinning pendulum ride.

What is the Life-Span of Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Life-Span

If you provide it with time-to-time maintenance, it should last for a longer time without any issue.

However, it might require some minor fixes and replacement time-to-time to maintain its efficiency.

The main structure made out of steel can easily survive for 30 to 50 years with regular maintenance and rust-proof painting.

However, seats, bearings, and components made using plastic will require replacement after 5 to 10 years.

In short, you can use your spinning pendulum ride till the next technological advancement.

How to Avoid Damage During the Shipping of A Spinning Pendulum Ride?

Reputable Chinese manufacturers deliver rides safe and sound to your place.

To ensure damage-free shipping, you need to take care of the following things.

Make sure your manufacturer is using high-quality packaging material to pack every component of your spinning pendulum ride.

They should place the delicate parts such as electrical components of the ride in wooden boxes.

You need to ensure that the boxes are not overloaded.

The manufacturer must have a well-trained staff and lifting equipment to load and unload the components of the ride.

How to Import A Spinning Pendulum Ride from China?

Spinning Pendulum Ride Import

Importing a Spinning pendulum ride from China is straightforward as long as you’re working with a trustworthy manufacturer.

The manufacturer will manage all the shipping procedures by themselves.

The following is what you should do at your end.

Get a detailed contract that mentions payment & delivery details.

Make sure the shipping procedure follows international commercial terms strictly.

Choose the best mode of transport for smooth and affordable shipping.

Get all legal documents ready and declare your imports.

Is Spinning Pendulum Ride Profitable for Park Owners?

Yes, investing in a spinning pendulum ride is very much profitable.

If you buy a premium-quality, and eye-appealing ride, it should give you a huge return on your investment.

People of all ages love to ride this thrill ride, so you can expect good returns.

If you have more questions related to spinning pendulum rides or you want to buy a Chinese spinning pendulum ride, you can get in touch with Sinorides.

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