Outdoor playground, the sweet pastry of the parent-child tourism market in the suburbs

With the development of China’s economy and the increase of national income, tourism has become popular. 

While the total amount of tourism continues to expand, the demand for national tourism continues to flourish, which puts forward higher quality requirements for products and services. 

With the continued impact of the epidemic, the rise of the middle class, the upgrading of tourism consumption and the opening of the multi-child policy have created a huge parent-child tourism market. 

As an unpowered paradise that naturally fits the parent-child tourism market, it will be one of the hot spots in the cultural and tourism industry in the future.


Outdoor Outdoor playground lead supply-side reforms


According to a data report from a consulting company, the scale of my country’s children’s consumer market is growing at a rate of 20% every year. The parent-child travel data report of the Donkey Mom platform also shows that the two-child family travel is increasing year by year, and the proportion will increase to 25% in the first half of 2021.

The new generation of consumer groups has fast information updates, high knowledge literacy, avant-garde travel concepts, and strong willingness to consume quality, which means that the existing tourism products built and achieved certain success in the past decades may not meet the new needs of the new generation of parent-child families.



The parent-child Outdoor playground products just meet the needs of the market:

One is to solve the problem of short outdoor activities and lack of awareness and contact with nature for urban parent-child families with the lowest time cost through a paradise located in an excellent ecological environment on the outskirts of the city;


The second is that the activities of theOutdoor playground are more diverse, which can pay attention to the leisure needs of parents and take into account the children’s natural research experience.

With the adjustment of population structure and the iteration of consumption trend, outdoor Outdoor playground have become a new force leading the supply-side reform of market segments.


Outdoor playground integrates urban and rural space


While China’s urbanization rate continues to increase, it also exposes some development drawbacks of one-sided pursuit of urban area expansion and urban population growth: less urban public space, low urban green space rate, serious urban pollution, and excessive urban population density. Especially in first-tier cities, outdoor spaces suitable for parent-child activities are scarce.



On weekends and holidays, a large number of parent-child families flock to parks, museums, playgrounds, commercial shopping centers and other spaces, resulting in a high density of people in these places, and the consumption experience will inevitably deteriorate. Based on such practical needs, the trend of anti-urbanization has spawned in cities. During weekends and small long holidays, ecological spaces such as suburban farms, country parks, and forest parks have become popular travel destinations.

Against such a background, an outdoor Outdoor playground that is deeply integrated with the natural environment is the perfect choice.


On the one hand, a park built with high standards can meet the needs of urbanization in terms of design, function, service, etc., and bring the flow into the suburban recreation space outside the urban core area;

On the other hand, through the integration and operation of the theme, it can highly integrate the unpowered performance of environmental protection and energy saving, the amusement mode with high participation, and the ecological space form, so as to provide the beauty of nature to the urban population in an all-round way. 


However, the outdoor Outdoor playground should also avoid two extremes in the overall product presentation:

The first is to avoid “excessive” protection, fear in nature, no scientific and reasonable means of development, fall into the “good mountains, good water and boring” situation;  

The second is to avoid “too much of a good thing”, blindly catering to the market and presenting crude, unsustainable geological projects. 


Outdoor Outdoor playground have strong linkages


Outdoor playground can integrate diverse industries such as cultural tourism industry, rural agriculture, education and research, camp exploration, sports industry, etc. 

At the same time, they are widely concerned and applied in urban parks, scenic amusements, theme parks, rural revitalization, leisure and vacation and other scenarios. 

It has become one of the powerful tools for drainage and gold nuggets of various types of formats and industries, and has a strong linkage between industries and formats.



In recent years, the refined development and high-efficiency development of land space has been the main goal of land management. In 2016, the country began to cultivate characteristic towns driven by industrial development. 

In 2017, the pastoral complex was recognized by the national Advocacy and promotion at the level, both of which are driving regional development through industrial introduction. 

In today’s increasingly strict land policy supervision across the country, more refined and efficient land development depends on the effective implantation and long-term development of industrial elements.


In this context, on the one hand, investors and managers can combine the local industrial base or resource conditions to develop a single industry to the extreme and form unique competitive barriers; on the other hand, they can introduce leading industrial elements (such as cultural Tourism industry and leisure industry elements), first introduce consumer flow and industrial population, and then cooperate with different formats to form a complete closed loop of industrial integration and development. 

The former requires a longer process, while the latter pays more attention to the matching and integration of industrial elements.

By integrating parent-child entertainment with the local ecological environment and folk culture, the urban consumer group can be introduced into the township space in the suburbs of the city. A platform and carrier for employment and cultural inheritance, which really helps the practice of industrial integration and urban-rural integration.


The operation of outdoor Outdoor playground should see benefits


From the perspective of investment and construction, in the past two decades, investors in China’s outdoor Outdoor playground are mainly divided into two categories:

One is the government and government-owned development companies. Most of the outdoor Outdoor playground are general municipal facilities;


One is a large-scale real estate development enterprise, which uses outdoor Outdoor playground as demonstration products and supporting products for large-scale residential projects.

At this stage of development, there is no clear profitability requirement for the operating index of outdoor Outdoor playground.



Since 2015, there have been leisure farms and resorts with outdoor Outdoor playground as their highlight products, which have achieved light investment and quick recovery in the operation of this single product. The success of the forerunners has attracted the swarms of latecomers. For a time, many similar projects in Chengdu, Beijing, Guangdong and other provinces and cities have been launched.


Some projects that entered the market early and developed quickly achieved rapid profitability, but most projects still failed to invest due to lack of innovation in content and extensive operation and management. Investors have begun to take the attitude of “operating and leveling profits without continuous investment” towards outdoor Outdoor playground.



Changes in the market will inevitably lead to supply-side reform. Outdoor playground should follow the trend of The Times and jump out of the original pattern of comprehensive equipment suppliers. 

It can integrate industrial elements such as planning, design, implementation, operation management and investment to form a connection and control at the level of the whole industrial chain. 

In this way, we can not only better design and build a professional outdoor Outdoor playground, but also open source and reduce expenditure from the operation port. 

We try our best to enrich the profit ways of park products and increase the price of guests through business strategies, and successfully meet the new requirements of the market for outdoor Outdoor playground.


Beyond functions, embrace IP


The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the annual per capita GDP in 2021 will be ¥80,976. 

From the perspective of social and economic development, when the per capita GDP exceeds 10,000 US dollars, people’s demand for products will increase from purely functional satisfaction. to the psychological satisfaction of culture, spirit, etc.

The development of the domestic cultural and tourism industry is under the influence of this law, the era of resource dominance is passing, market dominance is no longer the mainstream, and the IP dominance that pursues traffic effects is at the right time.



As an emerging cultural tourism product, outdoor Outdoor playground can no longer meet the new needs with the traditional four basic functions of “drilling, swinging, climbing, and sliding” that rely on standardized equipment. Only parks with IP can see more prospects. s future.


as a carrier of highly aggregated value, through continuous cultivation and dissemination, IP connects online and offline, connects product value with consumer demand, and integrates enterprise products and services through distinctive and systematically sound systems. 

Image and behavior are integrated into a value network, which can be accumulated and amplified.


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