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How does the off-season children’s park operate?

Recently, many park operators have responded that it has been really difficult recently! too difficult! The off-season of the park is coming, and there are more than half of the visitors less  in the park!

In fact, the alternation of low and peak seasons is a normal phenomenon for parks to operate throughout the year. For parks, peak seasons are distributed in winter and summer vacations and holidays. In the 365 days of the year, the off-season accounts for half, which means that the nearly 180 days are all off-seasons.

Common problems encountered in the off-season of the park are as follows:

  1. The flow of visitors in the off-season is greatly reduced, and no one comes to play from Monday to Friday.
  2. The operating cost remains high and the labor is wasted seriously. We dare not lay off staff, because we are afraid that there will not be enough staff in the peak season. We have many employees but the labor cost is too high.
  3. The employees do not do online marketing properly, the promotion ability is poor, and the publicity is not in place at all.
  4. When there is no visitors, employees have nothing to do. They play mobile phones every day.
  5. People who rely on free drainage will not be able to convert at all. If you do the activity, you will do it for nothing.


How to break the business dilemma in the off-season?



1. Start with publicity and promotion

Publicity and promotion are very important. No matter the off-season or peak season, the work of publicity and promotion is indispensable. Especially in the off-season, publicity and promotion must be the main content of the work. If the publicity of the park is not in place, consumers will never know your park. The services and products provided are not available to consumers.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the park has been open for a long time and its popularity is very high, so it doesn’t make much sense to promote it. In fact, it is not the case that the park has been open for a long time and the number of visitors you cover in the local area does not constitute an inevitable causal relationship. Some parks have been open for a long time, but they have always relied on the natural flow of visitors in shopping malls.

On the contrary, if the publicity and promotion are in place, even if the park is not open for a long time, there will be many consumers who know the park, so publicity and promotion are very important. What are the efficient promotion methods suitable for park operators?

Choose the right promotion tool to build private domain traffic

The first step is to establish the Facebook official account of the store, Tiktok, corporate Whatsapp, and improve the tools for store promotion.

Some people say that I can’t focus on one of them, and I can’t take care of building so many platforms. In fact, this is an indispensable part of establishing private domain traffic in stores. Private domain traffic is a free traffic pool that is in the hands of the store itself. Consumers are the water in the traffic pool, and containers are the various promotion tools we have built. Why do we need to register for a variety of platforms? The reason is very simple, let the water in the pool,in our own hands.. If one container fails, we can pour the water into another container.

The second step is to import.
After the flow tool is ready, water (consumers) will be introduced into the flow pool. There are three common introduction methods in stores:

①Find the card registration form when the customer opens the card, which usually records the customer’s card opening information, including the phone number and name left by the customer. We can edit and add text such as: Hello XXX’s parents, I am XX XX of the park, our park has an event recently, you can pass my WeChat, and I will send it to you to take a look.

②By means of a return visit by phone, call the customer and inform the customer that you are XX of XX Paradise, and now there are XX activities in the park, add the following WeChat to send it to you.

③Through platform fission, for example, collect XX to send XX coins or XX votes, and add XX WeChat, public account, enterprise WeChat, and Tiktok to receive after collecting.
(Note: At this moment, it is better to let the added personnel remark the name format of the customer’s WeChat, you can refer to: name, phone number, XX member)
The third step after the traffic pool is established, it is necessary to maintain the community where consumers are located, and to deliver benefits every day.

For example, the lucky ones will receive XX tickets by sending red envelopes and interact with the community. You can also send some cleaning pictures of the park to the group for parents and fans to supervise. The purpose of this step is to prevent the loss of community members. Let customers know that they can get the latest news of the store and enjoy related benefits in this community.

Step 4: Summarize the above operation methods into relevant documents, form system specifications, set goals, and standardize standards, implement them to individual stores, track them every day, discuss the problems occurred, and find corresponding solutions and record them.

The fifth step assumes that the store does not have this operational capability or the store’s personnel skills and professionalism cannot meet the above operating standards, you can find a corresponding operation consulting company, or a hosting operation company, outsourcing services for online publicity, or purchase corresponding support training package.

Step 6: Continue to maintain your old customers and launch currency consumption activities to allow old customers to spend more in the off-season. The park can do some activities such as member birthday parties, member welfare days, member weekends, etc., buy some low-cost handicrafts, or Co-operate with merchants from different industries and use different consumption experiences to attract old members to come to the store more. The more times they come, the consumption will naturally go up, laying the foundation for the peak season sales of the park.

The above are some of the ways and methods for the park to establish its own private domain traffic. It is easier to know than to do, and execution is very important, and the responsibility must be placed on people.

2. Launch a discounted package park in the off-season

The free-time play card can be launched at the moment when the passenger flow is the lowest. The use time is set from Monday to Friday, which is not a holiday. It can only be used by the owner and is valid for X months.

The price can be lower. After all, the park software project is almost a one-time investment. Apart from the labor cost, the construction cost has already been thrown in during the initial investment. One customer or a group of customers playing ,the cost for the store is fixed.

3. Go out from the paradise

Go out and conduct business cooperation negotiations with institutions from different industries with the same customer base.

The common direction of negotiation is membership benefits. Holding the membership card of the park can enjoy XXX benefits when spending at different industry merchants. If the cooperation relationship is relatively close, you can try to launch group purchase discount tickets and offer special discounts to cooperative merchants in different industries.

The two parties can also place promotional materials in each other’s stores, and jointly organize parent-child activities on weekends.

The common businesses in different industries suitable for the park are children’s education institutions, children’s dance institutions, children’s photography institutions, catering, children’s shoe stores, clothing stores, etc.

4. Team building, training and assessment in parallel

The off-peak season is very short, and the staffing arrangement has not been adjusted yet, and the off-season is coming. At this time, there will be a surplus of labor. This is a very normal thing, and the store should adjust it in time, and deal with some things that cannot be done during the peak season at this buffer node.

Common things include training on machine data analysis, machine maintenance, cleaning of hygienic dead corners, maintenance of amusement equipment, related systems, cash register systems, grooming instruments, etiquette reception, sanitation and other modules, and set up assessments.

After the buffer period, according to the degree of execution, completion and assessment of the training content, each employee will be given a personal file to create a corresponding score , if the assessment fails and the degree of execution is poor, points will be deducted. Remember that the deduction of points is linked to the employee’s salary, and flexible persuasion will be carried out to reduce labor disputes and legal risks. Those who have passed the assessment will be encouraged and affirmed accordingly, and honorary certificates may be issued. Appropriate bonuses are awarded to praise employees for their behavior.

If there are fewer staff left, you can try to improve the salary and benefits of the staff who have passed the assessment to stabilize the staff who remain, and use part-time jobs flexibly during peak business hours (Saturdays and Sundays). Save store costs.

It should be noted that the skills mastered by the remaining personnel must be comprehensive and diversified, and let them manage part-time jobs, train part-time jobs, and let the part-timers master common skills such as ticket checking and sanitation.

Mobilize the subjective initiative of employees and enrich the work content of employees. Remember to achieve clear rewards, and rewards must be implemented. The strength of the staff is matched, and the shift is arranged reasonably.

To sum up, the general idea of ​​​​the operation of the off-season park is to train its people internally, expand its path externally, two-way parallel, skillfully use off-season time and resources, standardize the park’s operation process, polish the operation team, and realize the off-season park from fine to exquisite. maximum utilization and allocation of resources.

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