How to make an indoor playground?

How to make an indoor playground? There is a substantial potential space for China’s kids’s industry. The kids’s market is becoming increasingly popular due to the two-child and third-child policy dividends. The health and growth of kids is naturally the most concerning topic for parents. Everything is for kids, and everything is for kids. The indoor playground integrating education, intelligence, health, and entertainment has become a new investment hotspot in the 21st century. The establishment of indoor playgrounds has gradually become an irresistible development trend.

Analysis: Current Situation of Market Competition in Indoor Playground

With the continuous improvement of residents’ living standards and the continuous updating of consumption concepts, the kids’s market will be broader, and the market concentration of indoor playgrounds will be low. Fewer monopoly enterprises are developing across regions, and profit margins are larger; consumers increasingly emphasize quality and depth, emphasizing personalized and differentiated play experiences.

Analysis: Innovative business model of indoor playground

01 Cross-business portfolio management

An excellent indoor playground must have its characteristics and a keen insight into the market. If you put the amusement equipment, it will quickly lead to homogenization.
Suggestion: It is possible to carry out cross-industry cooperation with institutions related to the nature of kids, introduce various service projects, and the most important thing is to highlight individualization. In addition, it is necessary to introduce many non-amusement formats, relying on a park system that supports multiple formats, so that sales growth corresponding to the increase in passenger flow can be obtained.

02 Develop the “IP commercialization” model

“Anime IP” itself has a considerable fan effect. The “Anime IP + indoor playground” model, based on the fan flow effect brought by itself, can make the kids’ theme park more scene, agile, and imaginative, allowing kids to experience different perspectives of anime IP. In the future development of the kids’s industry, “animation IP + business” will form a new product model. Many indoor playground investors saw the possibility of combining animation and playground and began to do vertical deep cultivation in content, and there was a boom in “animation IP.”

03 The consumption scope is extended to adults

Although the core focus is on kids in the park’s operation mode, the parents ultimately pay the bill. Therefore, parents are introduced to participating in kids’s entertainment together, which can enhance the participation of parents and realize parent-child interaction. The project is adapted to the age atmosphere of 70% kids + 30% adults, and the integration of many formats will introduce parents to participating in kids’ entertainment together to realize parent-child activities.

04 Integrate the industry chain

The indoor playground brand independently builds the entire industry chain and refines its own business, and the market mechanism integrates the refined brands to generate higher appeal. Open up the whole industry chain, increase potential income projects, and lay the foundation for the brand’s sustainable development. This kind of theme derivation reflects a specific theme on the amusement equipment. It sets up kids’ theme restaurants, theme derivatives sales stores, etc., to achieve efficiency in the operating area.

05 Subject subdivision

To highlight the differentiated operation of indoor playgrounds, they need to be subdivided into positions. For example, the playground needs to target kids of different ages; there should be differences in services, let the kids have fun and be willing to come back next time; investors must learn to cross-border in business if kids can make friends in the playground or learn relevant knowledge, parents will be more willing to pay. Find a way to meet the consumption of the local market and make something unique to attract the market.


Where there is a market, there is competition; where there is competition, there are winners and losers. Business has no boundaries, and any business, including kids and shopping, can be integrated to achieve expected profits for everyone. With the improvement of user experience and kids’ cognitive ability in the experience design trend of playground projects in recent years, the research and development of indoor playground equipment have gradually approached the kids’ world in a dynamic direction to meet kids’ emotional needs.


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